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GEICO Mobile Appy Birthday

One of the projects that I worked on as a UX/UI Design Intern at GEICO was the branding for the GEICO mobile app's eighth birthday. The branding included the design of a website, a large banner to hang in the office, a poster, and an email to send out to GEICO customers.

Skills Demonstrated:

Branding, Web Design, Poster Design, Email Design, Banner Design

Technology Used:

Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InVision, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Coming up with the final design of the GEICO mobile app's eighth birthday branding was a process that involved meetings, research, and ideation. I started out with two birthday theme ideas which were "GEICO Mobile as the eighth wonder of America" and "GEICO Mobile service is so great that it feels like magic". After meeting with my team lead and manager, I came up with a third birthday theme idea that involved Gary the Gecko. I created a mockup for each of the two strongest ideas that I had. With two great themes to work with, the next step was to let our customers decide which theme they liked more in a user test. Using Pickfu to conduct a split test, our team was able to determine that the latest theme, "Gary the Gecko's surprise party", was the winner. Including Gary the Gecko made the branding feel like it truly belonged to GEICO, and this was clear through our user testing results in the end.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2018