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Shown is a counter designed to sit on an employee's desk. I was given two personas, Maria the accountant and Marco the sales representative. Both Maria and Marco need a way of counting specific scenarios. Maria would like to count down until her next vacation and Marco would like to count up the number of cups of coffee that he drinks while at work. This counter can count both up and down and can easily be reset by flipping over.

Skills Demonstrated:

UX Design, Product Design, Graphic Design

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After conducting research and after searching for inspiration so that I never reinvent the wheel, I begin drawing. Using my research, inspiration, and my own creative ideas, I often form several solutions to a given problem. Shown in my sketches here are several ideas that I had. While most of these ideas may have worked, I went with a traditional paper solution to be as efficient as possible. As a designer, it is important to not only create an enjoyable product, but a product that is also cost-effective.

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