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Explore Tour

Explore Tour is a mobile application that notifies travelers when they are within a close range of hidden gems (secret spots that most tourists miss but shouldn't). Explore Tour is a cheap and easy option for those who want to discover these hidden landmarks in a city or place as they go about their daily journeys.

Skills Demonstrated:

App Design, App Development

Technology Used:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Cordova, Node.js


After being inspired by the notion of chance in maps in an avant-garde and procedure class, I decided to prototype an app that acts as a tour guide for travelers who would like to randomly explore their vacation spots. With this idea, I considered businesses that do this already without technology, such as the New York City bus tour guides. I think that an improvement to the tour guide business in general would be to give the travelers the freedom to choose when and how to tour a location on their own time. Unlike the New York City buses, Explore Tour offers a personalized experience and can lead people to new attractions in cities, which will help businesses. Travelers will have unique and fresh experiences of cities while businesses can grow and expose themselves.

This project started as a midterm project and continued to grow. The process started with my idea, and then I added features as I learned how to implement them in a mobile application class that I was taking at the time. Once I had my concept down, I began drawing how the user interface should work and look, and I thought about three different user case scenarios to demonstrate my idea. The target audience for Explore Tour is the tourist. Shown are my initial sketches of how I wanted the user interface to work.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2018