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GEICO IT Rebranding

The GEICO Information Technology team is growing and reimagining how the future of insurance will work. As a UX/UI Design Intern, I created and illustrated this informational poster that advertises the excitement of being a GEICO IT associate. GEICO is launching a whole new way to experience insurance with technology.

Skills Demonstrated:

Branding, Poster Design, Illustration

Technology Used:



The first step to designing the poster was to do research. I met with other UX/UI Designers on GEICO’s digital experience team to learn about the goals and vision of GEICO IT. After a few meetings, I found inspiration from infographic posters on websites like Pinterest. Once I knew all of the components and information that I wanted to be included on the poster, I drew sketches, picked the sketch that I felt was the strongest, and set out on the final creation.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2018