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A comic that has inspired me from an early age has always been the Spiderman game for Nintendo's Game Boy Color. This is one of the first times that I had ever seen an interactive comic, and I loved how the comic was key to understanding the purpose of the game.

This week's comic is an experiment with typography and the underlying emotion. For this comic, I wanted to create a comic for a word as image. Shown is the word happy demonstrating it's emotion.

Shown is a comic that simplifies and visualizes the story The Ape Lady in Retirement through my own reinvention. This comic is purposefully limited to only six panels.

This is a one-panel comic reworked seven times to illustrate all of the possible combinations of word and image. This past week, I went to Carlo's Bakery and enjoyed a piece of rum cake. The comic shows interdependent, montage, parallel, additive, duo specific, picture specific, and word specific combinations of words and images. Can you guess which one is which?

Shown is a conceptual visualization of myself. The purpose of these sketches is to define what the minimum amount of detail is needed to convey a subject.

This is my daily dairy. The patterns in my daily adventures are inspiration for story ideas.

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