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What Happens When the Internet Dies?

This is my final presentation of what happened when the internet died during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. My solution to the internet dying is preperation in the web applications that we build. If we have web applicaitons that do not depend completely on internet connection, then we will never have to abandon tools that we know and are comfortable with completely. Because I am also taking "Live Web" this semester, I created a web chat application that records missed moments when the internet dies. Click here to view the presentation.

This is our presentation that shows what would happen if the internet dies during a natural disaster. Click here to view.

This is our presentation that shows a lost website, Orkut. If you have never heard of Orkut, that is because it is dead. Click here to view.

If the internet failed for 5 days, many good and bad things might happen. The best thing that may happen is that we realize that the internet is merely just an enhancement of what already exists. As a designer for the web and digital platforms, I see the web as another means to express services, products, and communication. The worst that might happen, however, is that we fail to remember how to live as we did before the internet existed.

Immediately, online businesses would suffer, and older businesses would benefit once again if the internet dies. Older ways of communication may be used and overflowed with traffic since the internet is a primary form of communication today. Other networks that rely on the internet would also suffer, but depending on what the network or service is, it will vary on how much that network would suffer the consequences of no internet.

Not too long ago the world existed without internet. The internet to me is really a tool of efficiency. Everything that can be accomplished online can be accomplished offline but with a lack of enhancements and speed. Personally, I often enjoy taking breaks from my computer to keep up with traditional skills for designing. I try to use the internet to enhance my life, not control it. I think 5 days without the internet might not be so bad.

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