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Because most of the projects I create are interactive, JavaScript is essential for experiencing my work.

Live Web

I have been making Shake and Play. So far, I have the shaking working, and also the web sockets are connected. I can change everyone's background color when I shake a phone that is connected.

What does not work yet is sending a sound on the iPhone. This does not work becuase Safari requires user interaction, such as a button press, first before sounds can play in the browser. I will need to bind the click of a person's instrument selection with the sound in order for everything to work.

For my final live web project, I would like to create an interactive exhibit piece that I call Shake and Play. This semester I am taking Interaction Design Studio with Luke Dubois and our class is in the process of designing musical interactive installations for the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Teknopolis. The goal is to create installations that let the visitors feel as if they are performing. Using web sockets, I would like to create a mobile app or website that connects every visitor of Teknopolis and allows them to play music together. When they open Shake and Play, they can choose an instrument. They can hear everyone else playing through the speaker of their phone, and contribute their own sound by selecting an instrument and shaking their phone. As they walk around Teknopolis, everyone will have an insturment in their hand.

Pushing the boundaries in the world of live web is IBM's intelligent video analytics, which analyzes live video to detect patterns in activity caught on camera. Check it out here.

This week I tried using data channels, instead of web sockets, to build a live web application that lets two people communicate by sharing their favorite YouTube videos. Although the application does not work yet with data channel communication, it does work so that one person can copy a youtube url, and see a youtube video appear on the page. Soon, I want to have the applicaiton function where one person sends the YouTube url, and the other person sees the video that the person sent on their page.

This is my drawing project for class 3 which covered the canvas. For this assignment, I created a collaborative storyboard live web application. This application allows storyboard artists to work together on a storyboard in real time while in separate places. Live web can be used to enhance the way we work together.

For my midterm project, I have created a working chat application that records a peer whenever the internet dies, and sends that recorded video to the other peer upon reconnection to the internet. Because I am taking “What Happens When the Internet Dies” and "Live Web" this semester, I have been fascinated with the idea of live web applicaitons and the extreme opposite, which is communication when there is no internet at all, and what we should do if the internet ever truly did die. Maybe this application is a start. If we build future web applications with the ability to work both on and offline, then we may have less problems in times of natural disasters and such when the internet does die.

This week I tried to create an application that records yourself during a live chat when the internet dies. I used the library RecordRTC.js. I came pretty close, but not quite. I can detect whether the application has internet connection or not, but figuring out how the recording library works is a little more complicated than I thought it would be.

For my midterm project, I would like to finsish this application. Because I have been taking “What Happens When the Internet Dies” this semester, I have been fascinated with the extremes of absolutely no internet and live, real-time internet. I want to build a chat that records a client’s chat when they lose internet, and sends that video to the other client upon reconnecting to the internet. This would be great for live streaming a class or a conference.

Another option I have is to build a live security camera that begins a recording when the camera senses movement, and stops when it does not. This would be great for live streaming devices that are used to catch animal activity at night.

This week I added video and photos to my romantic chat application. The application has become a loyalty romance application because you get a snapshot of the person you are talking to every time you send a message. Basically, you always get to see that person and make sure they are not cheating on you.

This is a romantic chat application designed for romantic partners to communicate.

Use the video controls below to play the video.

One platform that I am interested in as a live website is Google Hangout. I recently learned about Google Hangout from a friend. I wanted to have a Skype conversation, and he suggested that we use Google Hangout. Google Hangout is actually the same thing as Skype, a way to video chat. Google Hangout is more efficient though because it is connected to all of your information.

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