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Sketching Communities

For my final project I illustrated and programmed a children's website book called The Rat Story. A community that I was able to learn about was a community of those with similar experiences. Even though the individuals I met did not know each other as they sat in Washington Square Park, I was able to identify a community of individuals that shared similar expereinces, and felt a disgust towards rats. With their stories, I was able to create a story of my own. Special thanks to Gretchen Erlichman for her musical performance, narration, and ideas.

This week, I interviewed two random strangers. I learned about who they were, and I learned about their opinions on rats.

I have been drawing the community of dog owners that visit Washington Square Park. Locals often bring their dogs to the park to play.

Today in class, we did an onsite drawing of Washington Square Park.

While sitting in Starbucks, I decided to sketch the partially destroyed median barrier that sits on the road in front of Washington Square Park. After that, I decided to draw a park bench in Washington Square Park. I made both of these sketches interactive by adding a pigeon that lands on the objects when hovered. I have chosen Washington Square Park as my community.

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