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Because most of the projects I create are interactive, JavaScript is essential for experiencing my work.

Lumpy Lamingtons

Lumpy Lamingtons is a dessert website designed to teach visitors about lamington cake and how to prepare it. While using the animation principle of secondary action, this website tends to delight visitors when they notice a change in facial expression from Chef Lamington upon leaving each page. My goal for this project was to create a website that has personality and humor, in the interest of creating a delightful user experience through amusement.

Skills Demonstrated:

Web Design, Web Development, UX, Character Design

Technology Used:

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Illustration, Illustrator


When I was designing Lumpy Lamingtons, I knew that I wanted to make something different. I really wanted to incorporate a skill that I had such as illustration, 3D modeling, or animation into my design that would make my work unique. After reflecting back on what I had learned from a previous course in animation, I thought about what might make a film or animation special…and then Chef Lamington was born. I knew that a good character would bring appeal to the website. Shown are some of my sketches from the process.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2017.