An ITP production - Sketching Communities

The Rat Story

Created by Steven Simon and Gretchen Erlichman

On the crisp, Autumn grounds of Washington Square Park, Where the children play and the dogs bark,

There lived in the bush next to the can, Radcliff the Rat, and he had a plan.

On his morning breakfast trot, He had stumbled upon two trash- tossed tomatoes, who would've thought!

So he was on a mission to make a Special Spicy Stew, And all the ingredients he already knew.

“Now for a Half-Dozen Half-Had Jalepenos!,” said Radcliff the Rat, And with a scurry he was off like that!

Off he went to the the bench near the post, And he found his Half-Dozen Half-Had Jalepenos, Boy, did he love those the most!

“Now, just for that Pickle!,” said Radcliff the Rat, And with a scurry, he was off like that!

“Where would I find a pickle?,” he thought. Who would know? “Oh, I’ve got it! I’ll ask Uncle Moe!”

“To the West 4th-Street Subway!,” Said Radcliff the Rat, And with a scurry, he was off like that!

Running to the tracks, “whoops!,”...

a little slip, Radcliff fell right into Uncle Moe’s subway strip.

There he was, Uncle Moe, that big ol’ rat! His cheeks were chubby and his tummy was fat.

“Eh, Uncle Moe! I’m in a pickle!” “I’m making a stew and I need a pickle.”

“Would you happened to have a zesty dill?” “Nope”, mumbled Uncle Moe, as he sat there, having his fill.

What could a poor rat do? He needed a pickle for his Special Spicy Stew!

“However,” Uncle Moe said, with a mouth full of trash, “There’s a cafeteria at NYU, and they always have a stash.”

Up the subway wall, and across the grass, went Radcliff the Rat, Just a little hint and he was off like that!

Oh, no! What have we here? A treacherous trot through the dog park! Those animals, with their snarling teeth and their frightening bark.

Radcliff scurried away and made it just by a hair...

“What’s going on here?” said the dog without a worry or care.

Then into the cafeteria, he scurried, quick as he could, He spotted the pickles, they looked so good!

Then from the air he heard a such noise, as the students screamed, But they didn’t understand, it was not what it seemed.

He dodged the swats and stomping feet, And just as he thought he had met his defeat...

He found on the floor a slimy zesty dill...

Then climbed the table and escaped through the window, jumping off the sill.

Then finally home, he was such a happy rat! Who knew a rat could be so happy from a Special Spicy Stew?!

The next morning, as Radcliff took a glimpse at the New York Times,
It seemed he had made the day’s headlines!

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