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WordPress Themes

One of my responsibilities while working as a web designer for TEES (Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station) was to create WordPress themes for different research centers to use. Every theme that I designed is visually similar to the design of the TEES website, so that each research center visually identifies itself as belonging to TEES. Each theme allows each research center the ability to use custom colors and photographs to establish a unique identity among other centers. Every theme is responsive for all devices and is accessible for all browsers. Shown is an example of a WordPress theme for the Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation Center that I desigend and developed.

Skills Demonstrated:

Web Design, Web Development, UI, UX

Technology Used:

HTML, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, PHP


My first step in creating this WordPress theme was to find inspiration. I enjoyed glancing through books such as Patrick McNeil's "The Web Designer's Idea Book" and other websites online. My goal was to keep the design of the theme close to the design of the TEES website and to design the theme with changeable parts. I have sketches and made different mockups as shown. I first built the theme using HTML, SASS, and JavaScript before moving this code to WordPress. Also shown here, is the theme being applied to another website for the National Corrosion and Materials Reliability Center.

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